In the realm of Huawei OLT hardware commissioning, a critical aspect that demands utmost attention is SNMP communication on Huawei OLT devices. This process is enhanced by the integration of a carefully chosen focus keyphrase, which serves as a guiding beacon to ensure efficient configuration and seamless interaction within the network environment. The intricate interplay between hardware commissioning and SNMP communication underscores the significance of a meticulously planned approach, where the focus keyphrase acts as a linchpin for successful deployment and operation.

  • Local User Authentication

huawei-olt(config)#terminal user name
User Name(length<6,15>):<put user name>
User Password(length<6,15>): <put user password>
Confirm Password(length<6,15>): <confirm password>
User profile name(<=15 chars)[root]: root
User’s Level: 2
     1. Common User  2. Operator:

  • Enable SNMP

//normally snmp community default write: private & read: public 

for security purpose don’t use default community 

To see default community:
Huawei-OLT(config)#display snmp-agent community write 
   Community name: private
   Storage type: nonVolatile
   View name: ViewDefault

   Total number is 1
Huawei-OLT(config)#display snmp-agent community read
   Community name: public
   Storage type: nonVolatile
   View name: ViewDefault

   Total number is 1

To add more community  or configure community 

huawei-olt(config)# snmp-agent community read public@123
huawei-olt(config)# snmp-agent community write private@123
huawei-olt(config)# snmp-agent sys-info version v2c
huawei-olt(config)# snmp-agent target-host trap-hostname huawei address <U2000 address> udp-port 162 trap-paramsname <community trap name>
huawei-olt(config)# snmp-agent target-host trap-hostname huawei address <Server trap log address> udp-port 162 trap-paramsname <community trap name>
huawei-olt(config)# snmp-agent target-host trap-paramsname <community trap name> v2C securityname private@123

As we know for security purpose we don’t use default SNMP community
To delete default SNMP community 

Noted: before we delete the default snmp community please make sure we have done change snmp community on node in U2000 to our new community (ex: private@123 / public@123). If community on node in U2000 different with our snmp community we configure mean that U2000 could not communicate between OLT, it will show alarm device offline in U2000.

To change SNMP community on U2000
Go to U2000-client Application => choose node we want to change community => right click => NE Access Protocol Parameter

 "Step-by-step Huawei OLT hardware commissioning process for optimal network setup"

Double click on snmp name then see below information appear => change to our new community
Get community = read is public@123
Set community = write is private@123
Then click test = if it successfully it mean our configure is right => click Apply

"Illustration of SNMP communication setup on Huawei OLT for efficient network monitoring"

Delete the default SNMP community
Huawei-OLT(config)#undo snmp-agent community private

Huawei-OLT(config)#undo snmp-agent community public

  • Create VLAN management

huawei-olt(config)#vlan 32 smart
huawei-olt(config)#vlan desc 32 description gepon-management
huawei-olt(config)#port vlan 32 0/2 0

  • Set IP Management

huawei-olt(config)#interface vlanif 32
huawei-olt(config-if-vlanif32)# ip address

  • Configure Interface Description

huawei-olt(config)#port desc 0/2/0 description “TO~DistributeSW(Gi1/1)”
huawei-olt(config)# port desc 0/2/1 description “TO~DistributeSW(Gi1/2)”

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